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NEC Group is committed to all team members adopting a culture of “Safety 24/7”.

Whether at work or at home safety should be a priority in every facet of our team member’s life. NEC Group and its management has committed to providing training and knowledge to be able to mitigate hazards for team members, partners, clients, and the public. We understand and respect the inherent dangers of our lines of work within the utility industry, which makes safety our number one priority.




We believe that it is every employee’s responsibility to be a safety leader.

NEC Group implements a multi-faceted safety and injury prevention program. Frequent training and re-education ensure each team member is enabled with the responsibility for their own personal health and safety and that of their fellow team members.  Through an intuitive safety management system, we can efficiently maintain all team member training and certifications, allowing us to provide real time updates and requests to customers and the field. Continuous improvement is welcomed and encouraged at NEC Group, we use feedback and experience from our field to refine and advance our safety culture.

To meet the demand of our valued customers, NEC Group acknowledges the need for strategic alliances with qualified partners. Our partners are required to meet or exceed the same levels of certifications that our team members must have.  Utilizing the same safety management system our subcontractors go through a safety compliance and insurance verification process.  This process guarantees contractor accountability and allows NEC Group the ability to proactively monitor contractor safety.  Our partners are viewed as an extended arm of NEC Group, leveraging our internal management and resources to assist our partners, allows the skilled tradesmen and women to focus on the tasks at hand. 

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