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Snowy Mountains

Our company mantra and core values go hand-in-hand. We are all leaders. We are one team. The inherant byproduct of the values and culture defined below is the unrivaled service we are able to provide to our customers and end users.



We will hold ourselves to the highest standards at all times.


We will honor our commitments to team members and their families, partners, customers, and investors.




We will foster an environment based on collaboration between team members that is rooted in trust.



We will respect the ideas and opinions of all team members, partners, and customers.



We will recognize that quality ideas may originate from any level within NEC Group and commit to encouraging and supporting contributions from everyone.



We will be transparent so that anyone associated with our organization can recognize our objectives on a professional and personal level.

The team members and partners of NEC Group define who we are and what we can accomplish. Led by the most skilled and highly trained workforce in the industries we serve, NEC Group will never take our accomplishments; past, present, and future for granted as these are directly correlated to the men and women who are NEC Group. 


Our values are motivated by our people and are embedded in our vision for what defines NEC Group.  Through an empathic approach to decision making we are able to ensure the path of NEC Group will benefit our team members, partners, customers and the communities where we live and work. NEC Group will always foster a culture based on our core values.

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